Getting acquainted with water sports is natural for people who love water. If you have kids, getting them involved in the fun is a must. But only some have the patience to teach their offspring the techniques and rules.

Hiring a coach to teach the basics is a great place to start and help build ocean confidence. The tutor has the skills to teach little ones the proper form and safety protocols. If you’re looking for surf lessons, then Sea and Board Sports has the perfect tandem surf lessons in Hawaii.

The lessons are ideal for children aged 4-8, closely watched by a certified adult riding on the board with them. Kids mostly stick to sitting and figuring out their balance, ensuring you feel secure in sending your baby into the open sea.

Our surfing lessons for kids provide skills that last a lifetime, from boosting self-assurance to enhancing form. Discover the top advantages of teaching kids to surf with SBS Hawaii by reading on:

Aids In Becoming Better Swimmers

If you’re a family that loves beach getaways, we’re sure you’d want to be extra prepared with some swimming lessons. It’s also a life skill that can come in handy anytime. Therefore, getting your kids started when they’re small is better.

While we provide life jackets for everyone who gets on our boards, if your kid is a swimmer, then surf lessons will solidify their swimming capabilities. Being out in the open ocean removes the fear of the deep, allowing kids to explore the open waters and feel comfortable.

Respecting Ocean Safety

Young and impressionable minds are bound to behave aloof. But, like roads, learning the proper etiquette of navigating the expansive water is required. Safety fundamentals are a prerequisite when learning how to surf, and good habits are formed early in life.

During the surfing lesson, our young surfers are taught about water safety and how to stay safe in the sea. Whether or not you live near the ocean, exercising caution around coasts can save your life.

Boosts Confidence

We can’t stress this enough. Most parents prefer keeping kids under a blanket of security, often channeling their uncertainties into them. But allowing your child to explore adventure early opens their mind to wondrous possibilities.

Kids can quickly learn their way around water in a calm, indoor pool. However, navigating waves and understanding tides will improve their water knowledge and self-esteem. These are lifelong confidence-boosting abilities your child will be grateful for later.

Healthy Activity

Surfing requires a lot of energy and is exhausting! We notice that hyperactive kids frequently become focused and involved when learning to surf, which can be fantastic for a kid with endless energy. Our students are typically calm and relaxed after an hour in the sea, which is a great way to balance energy and help kids focus.

Lessons in surfing for children lay the groundwork for fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination that are easily transferable to other sports and have a positive impact on everyday life. Plus, it’s fun!

Builds Social Skills

Children can acquire a sense of community and make lifelong friends when they frequently attend extracurricular activities and clubs like surf clubs. Peers can quickly become friends when they are a part of something and develop a new ability together. We create an inclusive, non-competitive atmosphere with a genuine focus on boosting self-esteem.

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