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Clear Bottom Kayak Tour

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Ages: All Ages

Duration: 2 hours

Semi-Private Lesson (2 people or private parties) $140
Private Lesson $165

Please call to book parties larger than 4 people.

Experience nature like never before!

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Kayaking is a great and fun activity that can be done on any large body of water. The island of Oahu has some great spots that cater to people of different skill levels. The expert kayaker to the novice can enjoy the rivers and ocean, as well as some surf spots.

There are parts of Oahu that can only be viewed by kayak. There are hidden gems to be found while you glide by at a leisurely pace. You can find hidden beaches, sea cliffs, and sandbars that are not accessible in any other way.

Exploring via kayak will allow you to discover ancient caves and hidden coves. Most kayak tours in Oahu will combine other activities such as snorkeling. This way you can explore unspoiled coral reefs far from the maddening tourist bustle.

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