If you’re in Hawaii and surfing is not up your alley, we recommend kayaking your way through the scenic route of the tropical island. It’s a new hobby and an easy one to try too! Explore the open seas, chase sea turtles (if you can!), enjoy the dolphins frolicking, or take a leisurely ride to absorb the island’s natural beauty.

Kayaking is the ideal way to experience nature, exercise, and adventure. It also happens to be a fantastic activity in the sweltering summer heat or brisk winter weather. Moreover, the transparent bottom kayaks offer a breathtaking view of the pristine waters. If you want to find a clear kayak rental in Oahu and other water sport-related boards, SBS Hawaii has it covered for you.

In case you’re new to the sport, here’s a quick guide to get you started and paddle with instant confidence:

1. Prep Stage

A vital step before you enjoy your ride, here’s a quick lowdown of things to keep in check before boarding your kayak:

Figure Your Route

Keep to water with gentle currents. Additionally, stay away from waterways with power boats as they produce large waves, which could cause you to stray further from the shore. Moreover, keep your route short as kayaking can be a physically demanding sport, tiring your upper body and causing fatigue.

Weather Check

For beginners, winds below 10 knots (or 12 mph) are usually safe. Anything stronger can make it challenging to maneuver correctly. It’s ideal for venturing out on sunny days as visibility is much better.

2. Paddle Stage

Using a kayak is simple. Just tuck yourself in, grab your paddle tight, and start rowing. The boat is designed to stay buoyant and can’t easily topple. Once you’re out paddling, here’re a few safety measures to be mindful of:

Never Go Alone

Solo kayaking is never without risk. But novices are particularly at risk. Even in locations that look extremely safe, go out with at least one companion, and keep them in sight. Or you could rent a double-seated kayak to go tandem with a partner.

Don’t Go Too Far

Always keep the coast in your line of sight. If you become lost, carrying a waterproof GPS will be handy.

Wear a Life Jacket

Whether or not you can swim, wearing a life jacket is crucial. If your arms get exhausted from paddling, or if you topple, the lifesaving vest comes in handy to keep you safe till help arrives.

Stay Calm

In case of an emergency, like sudden weather changes or encountering a sea creature, maintain your cool and paddle calmly back to shore. This is another reason why venturing too far isn’t advised!

Fun Activities To Engage In

It’s Hawaii, and kayaking is an enjoyable recreational activity you’re engaging in. So why not add to the fun and play some family-friendly games while you’re out exploring? Here are a couple you can try:

I Spy

While exploring the view, spotting sea creatures with a game of “I Spy” is a great way to explore. It’s a great way to stay attentive while observing your beautiful surroundings!


You might not be a pro, but an exciting game of race relay is another entertaining event to partake in. This is a wonderful option for any number of participants. Plus, it’ll sharpen your skills as a kayaker too!

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