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Indulge In The Majestic Scenery of Hawaii with North Shore Surf Lessons

If Hawaii is on your holiday list, chances are you are looking to make some waves with surfing. And it's natural to feel a bit hesitant and afraid if it's the first time for you.

At SBS Hawaii, we offer beginner and advanced surf lessons on the famous Northsore of Oahu. With professional CPR and first aid certified instructors. Our beginner surfing lessons are open-level classes with special classes designed for kids to help them step onto the board with confidence.

Surfing brings us tremendous joy, and it is one of the reasons we are in this business- to share the fun and pleasure of the sport while ensuring safety and fun through our knowledge.

Why SBS HAWAII Beginner Surf Lessons in Hawaii Are Best for You?

Located on the famous North Shore of Oahu in the enchanting town of Haleiwa, with us, you get to experience the cultural and social richness of the Island, minus the big crowds. With specialized training, customized sessions, and hands-on assistance, we help you experience the sensation and high you get to hear from every pro-surfer.

Our Beginner Hawaii surf lessons operate across the following locations:

  • Beginner surf lessons in Waikiki

  • Beginner surf lessons in Oahu

Our experts believe nobody is a bad surfer. There are just bad habits that need to be replaced with good techniques. If you are trying to start off with this sport with a long-term goal, our trained experts offer you a sustainable plan with all the tips and tricks you need to become better at surfing.

With all the necessary amenities and emergency facilities on-site, we maintain an appropriate teacher-student ratio for easy and practical guidance and management.

As an insured and certified surfing school that has been recognized for its services with mostly 5-star reviews, and an overall 4.9 rating our complete Sea and board sports Hawaii company provides you with:

  • Quality rashguard

  • Pre-surf instruction on the beach

  • Complete guidance and assistance in the water

  • Top-quality ST longboard (along with other board types available on request)

Our friendly and impeccably patient team of instructors offer you every emotional, mental and physical support that you need to stand up on your board for the first time.

Our beginner lessons cover every foundational base that gives you the confidence to ride bigger and more challenging waves, from surfing etiquette and water safety to body positioning, board handling, and control.

Surfing is a beautiful and unique sport that involves the union of mental and physical strength while putting them to the test and challenge. Our trained professionals, having a shared passion for the sport, help you connect with the ocean environment and teach you how to “listen to the waves.” You will understand how to line up with fellow surfers around you while matching the waves' rhythm and expressing your personality.

Oahu offers a diversity in the size and power of waves, from Waikiki to Northshore. Based on your skill set and capabilities, our experts will help you curate the best surfing experience while packing the cool summer action.

Indulging in a water sport through surfing is probably the most rewarding spiritual experience! If your Hawaii plans are already set, connect with our experts to book a session that will help enhance your tour or lesson experience. All you have to do is bring your swim gear, change of clothes, sunscreen, water bottle, and towel and let us handle the rest.

From choosing a spot to the time you come out of the water, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience is our responsibility. Aloha!

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