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Advance Surf Lessons

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Enjoy the Best of The Aloha State with SBS Hawaii Advanced Surfing Lessons

Explore the best surf spots of Hawaii with fewer crowds and some of the best spots while taking your wave skills up a notch with our advanced surfing lessons. If you are already experienced in catching the waves and would like to take your water relationship to the next level, SBS Hawaii advanced surfing lessons will be home to you.

Our team of expert instructors with world-class experience will equip you with all the techniques and maneuvers based on your ability while amping up the challenge. If you are someone who is not afraid to take risks or loves a bit of an adrenaline rush, SBS Hawaii will ensure a lot of good memories!

Located in the Majestic North Shore of Oahu, you will experience the lesser-known and soul-filling side of Hawaii with a team of friendly professionals by your side. After a quick conversation with our assigned professional instructor, you get the topmost-tailored experience possible and surf lessons depending upon the skills you wish to learn.

Our Hawaii advanced surfing lessons include one-on-one training,, or semi-private sessions that get you access to the highest quality professionalism at competitive prices. The best part about choosing our experience is that if you are looking to amp up your fitness levels, board control. Our experienced instructors can assist you with that as well.

Whether you are trying to learn barrel riding, cut backs, or fine-tune your bottom turn, we can help you with rates and lesson packages depending on the number of sessions while keeping the fun intact as you excel in the sport.

Why Should You Choose SBS Hawaii?

Our experts help you create unique and memorable experiences in Hawaii's real, natural setting with safety without compromising on the fun, from techniques to tricks for longboards and shortboards. We provide:

  • Access to a versatile collection of board types, including the top-quality ST longboard

  • Rashguard

  • Pre-surf instruction on the beach

  • Complete guidance and assistance in water

Whether you are preparing for a contest, as a competitive sport, or simply willing to challenge yourself, SBS Hawaii team helps you with the strategy and know-how of riding short/long wave, and wave selection.

Our advanced Hawaii surfing lessons fit you with a plan as per your needs, purpose, competitive psychology, and goal. Timing and intuition are two things that play a vital role in riding the waves. Our trained experts help with your judgment skills and on-spot switches to make the best of the situation without letting go of the enjoyment!

Each session is tailored to your ability, availability, and pricing. Connect with us to have an unforgettable oceanic experience, to which you will say Mahalo!

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