When it comes to surfing, there is no place like Hawaii. While there are plenty of other locations around the world that offer some great surfing spots, you cannot deny that it is Hawaii wherein lies its true spirit.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, Hawaii is popular for its breathtaking natural beauty, laidback lifestyle, and delicious food. But it is also widely known for its surf culture. It has some of the best surf spots, including the likes of Haleiwa, Waimea, and Pipeline, which offer waves for surfers of all levels. You can also find beginner surf lessons in Hawaii that specially cater to those who wish to catch their first wave in the Aloha State.

Surfing is deep-rooted in Hawaiian history and culture. And if you want to experience its thrill during your vacation, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Choose a beginner-friendly spot

Hawaii doesn’t have a dearth of surfing spots but not all are suitable for beginners. Some of them have huge waves that aren’t safe for inexperienced surfers. You should pick spots with smaller waves with clean breaks that are easy to navigate.

  • Learn the etiquette rules of surfing

Before you go surfing in Hawaii, you should learn the etiquette rules so that you can remain safe while also being respectful to other surfers. If you sign up for surfing lessons, your instructor will teach you about these rules, which include observing right of way, not hogging the waves, respecting the locals, and so on.

  • Go during off-seasons to save money

There are two main surfing seasons in Hawaii. While the winter surfing season is from October to April, the summer surfing season runs from May to October. But mid-April to mid-June and September to mid-December are the off-seasons. There are fewer crowds, which means you will get the best prices.

  • Don’t surf alone

Beginner surfers should never surf alone. You should always have a friend close by so that they can come to your aid in case of an emergency. Some of the dangers of surfing alone include falling off the board and hitting your head, getting caught in a rip current, and so on.

  • Sign up for beginner surf lessons

Learn how to surf before going out in the waters. This will help you stay safe. Look for an experienced instructor who will not only teach you the surfing basics but also how to deal with small, beginner waves.

If you have never tried surfing or are new to this sport, SBS Hawaii offers a fun and exciting beginner lesson with guidance from a trained and experienced surf instructor. You can choose from private, semi-private, and small group lessons, which are up to two hours long.

If you are unsure which lesson is the right choice for you, feel free to give us a call. We will fine-tune your lesson to meet your specific needs. To make it even easier for first-timers, a push from your instructor will help you catch your first Hawaiian wave!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your surf lesson today!

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